All You Need to Know about Tesla Cars

Tesla Cars are supposed to be tomorrow’s future for sure. They have a dedicated Research and Development team wherein they are focusing on these electric cars and their advantages in the country. Though we might feel that these cars might not pull so much power like those petrol and diesel engines, you are absolutely wrong. As Tesla is a renowned brand and has lot of reorganization when it comes to artificial intelligence and other technology related things. Before you want to buy, you need to understand tesla car price india and the reviews:

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors is very much confident in his thought process. Recently he turned 40, and on his birthday he showcased Tesla Roadster. Roadster is supposed to be a SUV, which is designed on the basis of Lotus Elise chassis. This electric car is very much equipped with all features, which is very much better than these cars by Hyundai, Maruthi Suzuki, and Tata Motors. When it comes to pricing, it is very much expensive but i would say it is one time investment as you don’t have to worry about servicing and other replaceable parts. Not only in terms of technology, it is going to impact our surrounding in a better way.

Why Tesla?

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 Since many of the well known automobile companies like the Hyundai, Mahindra, and Suzuki, have not come up with electric yet but whereas Tesla has done a proto type model and have proven it to the world that electric cars can be of a great benefit for those who are regularly moving around in car. Not only with respect to pollution  but also interms of minimal usage of resources. Petrol is getting extracted terribly and we might end up in a stage wherein we  might not get petrol at all. So, get ready lads for the most efficient electric car makers, Tesla.

Well, it is always best to take precautions. Electric Cars are one of the efficient ways of reducing pollution in the country. By doing this, you will eradicate some of the bad toxins that is going around in the air.

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